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Go to "HR"->"Salary". You can do settings related to salary here.

In salary settings, you can set basic salary, performance bonus, welfare, insurance and housing fund etc. Calculation formula of personal income tax is fixed according to national provisions, and thus it cannot be changed. But you can manually change the rate of the tax when you edit the salary.

1. Salary settings

Go to "HR"->"Salary" and click "Settings".


If performance bonus/welfare is associated with attendance, you can to enable Attendance module in OA. And you have to gather all attendance information within salary pay period before you calculate the salary.

2. Generate salary slip

Go to "HR"->"Salary" and click "Generate slips". HR staff can edit salary by clicking "Edit". If "Confirm" is clicked, accounts can view their salary in "My Zone" (the page you see after login)->"Salary".

A detailed information of the salary will show as below. The default settings are to generate the salary amount of last month.

Click "Details" and a window will pop out. You can modify commission in the window.

3. Check salary

Go to "My Zone"->"Salary". You can view your salary and details of each salary slip.

4. Set access password

Go to "My Zone"->"Salary"->"Password", and you can set a password to "Salary" Page. You can delete password on "Password" setting page.

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