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2018-02-27 15:11:15
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Ameba->Trade is used to record internal transactions according to Income and Expense Distribution Rules.

Go to Ameba->Trade, and you can see Trade that is Confirmed, Wait, and Income and Expense that are in different status.

  • Confirmed
  • Wait
  • Income
  • Expense

Trade has two parties involved. Each trade will generate two records. One is to record the income, and the other is to record the expense.

Click Create to add a new record of Trade.



  1. Date: The date that the trade is done. It is important as it is related to Ameba budget report.
  2. From:Choose the department which started the trade.
  3. To: Choose the department which the trade goes to.
  4. Type of Trade: Internal Income or Trade between Amoeba departments (aka internal expenses).
  5. Type of Caption: Income/Expense caption that the department which starts the trade will define.
  6. Product: Product that involves the trade
  7. Source of Trade: Payment Completed, Income Distribution, Expense Distribution, and Manually.
  8. Amount: The amount of money involved in this trade.
  9. Description: Notes of this trade.

After the trade is created, there are two records generated in Wait trade list. You can confirm the trade.


The subject can choose the caption and change the amount and description. After the trade is confirmed, the trade will show in Confirmed trade list. If the amount of money has been changed, the other party has to confirm the change. In one word, any changes from one party should be confirmed by the other party. A trade that is not confirmed will be ignored in Amoeba Reports.

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