2018-02-27 14:57:59
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There are two ways to create sales orders in PSI. One is to create an order in PSI->Sales, and the other is in CRM->Contract. Let's see the two ways to create orders as shown below.

Create a Sales Order in PSI


Create a Sales Order in CRM


1. Create an order

If the product of the order was not created in Zdoo yet, you can click "Add a Product" on the page of Create an Order to add it.

2.  Add a Product

3. Inform to distribute

After the order is created, you can click "Distribute" to inform relevant staff to prepare products for distribution, if the product is in stock.

4. Inform to purchase

If the product is not in stock, click "Purchase" to inform the relevant staff to purchase.

5. Print out an order

After creating an order, you can click "Print" on Order List or the detail page of an order to print it out.


6. The order is finished.

After sending the product to customers, you can click "Finish" to complete the sales flow.

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