Income Distribution Rules

2018-02-27 15:11:15
Last edited by MCFEY on 2018-08-28 10:40:10

Income Distribution Rules are used to allocate incomes from the external.

Go to Ameba->Rule->Income Share Rules and Click Create to create a rule.



  1. Product: Choose the product that generates the income.
  2. Caption: The income caption in bookkeeping.
  3. Details: Sales Department pays 99% of the sales to Dev Department as the cost of the Sales Department. For Dev Department, it is the internal income.

You do not have to set the month and the year for rules. When distributing expenses, the rules used in the current month will be saved. Then the rules will be applied to the calculation of shared expense in Amoeba Report for the same month. Therefore, the data will not be changed even the rules are changed later.

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