Amoeba Department

2018-02-27 15:04:14
Last edited by MCFEY on 2018-08-28 10:38:42

After you started Amoeba module, you can see it in the Navigation at the left column of Zdoo interface.

Go to Ameba->Company and you will see the company structure diagram as shown below,


Click Manage Dept button at the upper right of the page, or go to Admin->Company->Manage Dept, and you can set Ameba departments.


You can click Edit of one department and set it separately.


There are four types of Ameba departments which are also defined in Inoue's Amoeba Management.

  • Capital Amoeba: focuses on the ROI, which is the ultimate goal of Amoeba Management;
  • Profit-oriented Amoeba: focuses on profit, which is the most common Amoeba, such as the sales department;
  • Cost-based Amoeba: focuses on the cost, also a common Amoeba, such as the production department;
  • Budget Amoeba: focuses on the quality of work or service as well as quantitative assessments, such as administration and HR departments.

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