Zdoo Cloud

Why Cloud?

Enjoy ZDOO Enterprise Features

ZDOO Cloud is powered by ZenTao Enterprise with Sales Automation, Salary, Performance, and Inventery features

Simple and Integrated Solution

Key management can be done in one simple and convenient system

Worry Free Cloud Service

Enjoy the convenient ZDOO cloud and export the data to a private deployment without any worries at any time

Affordable Plans

Mini, Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate plans for users with different needs

Cloud Plans

Free Mini Basic Advanced Ultimate
Users 20 30 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Space 1G 5G 10G 20G 30G
Backup 1 per day 1 per day 1 per day 2 per day 2 per day
File Size 2M 10M 20M 30M 50M
Price Free USD 9/Month
USD 99/Year
USD 19/Month
USD 199/Year
USD 29/Month
USD 299/Year
USD 49/Month
USD 499/Year
Start > Start 31-Day Free 31-Day Free 31-Day Free 31-Day Free