Amoeba Management

2020-04-22 17:14:50

Amoeba(Ameba) is a Latin word for a single protozoan. It belongs to the protozoan Amoepidae. Its body is soft, and it can extend its pseudopodia in all directions to make the body change.  The most distinguishing characteristic of amoeba is that it can change with the environment and constantly adjusts itself to adapt to its living environment.

Amoeba management is to divide the company into small amoebas(departments). The leader of each amoeba functions as its core, and each amoeba operates and has independent accountability. With the wisdom and efforts of all members, the goal of each amoeba is accomplished.  Every employee takes the initiative to participate in doing business, so “management by all” is achieved.

Currently,  Amoeba Report, Trade, Budget, Expense Share,Income Allocation, Caption settings, and organizational structure management are integrated into Zdoo. These are all related to Income/Expense, Captions and company structure in CASH module in Zdoo. You have to do well bookkeeping when you use Amoeba module.

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