Zdoo Features

4364   2020-04-23

Document Management

Document library is a library to manage your documents. In Zdoo, two types of document libraries are built in, namely pr...
4950   2020-04-22

Amoeba Management

Amoeba(Ameba) is a Latin word for a single protozoan. It belongs to the protozoan Amoepidae. Its body is soft, and it ca...
3488   2020-04-22


Flow in Zdoo currently offers seven workflows, including Purchase, Fund Request, Vehicle Booking, Vehicle Information, S...
3438   2020-03-25

Application Navigation(PSI)

Application Navigation Integrates Third-Party AppsZdoo has powerful built-in applications navigation which integrate...
3516   2020-03-25

Team Sharing

Team Sharing and CommunicationCustomer management, CASH accounting and todo management are closely related in daily ...
3544   2020-03-25

Todo Management

Robust Todo Management to Better Time ManagementReasonable scheduled tasks can make the work process in order. Zdoo ...
3479   2020-03-25


Unique Cash Flow ManagementWith the economic development in our country, more and more small and medium enterprises ...
3891   2020-03-25

Project Management

Built-in Project Management to Track ProjectZdoo has built in simple and practical project management module, whic...
4072   2020-03-25

Office Automation (OA)

Efficient and Focused Office AutomationAs part of a typical enterprise management software, Office Automation(OA) ...
Simple and convenient CRM toolCustomer Relationship Management, CRM for short,  is to automate enterprise mar...
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