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2018-01-25 09:47:17
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Zdoo Pro is based on Zdoo open source with enhanced features and optimized performance. There are four functional modules, HR, Inventory(PSI), Flow and Ameba. With Zdoo Pro, your management will be automated and your work efficiency will be much improved.

1. Enhanced Features

  • Solve aftersales problems
  • Assign to certain staff to track it

Custom Sales
  • Customize product attributes
  • Customize actions and sales workflow

Salary and Commission
  • Generate salary automatically
  • Set commission ratios
  • Set commision rules for overview


  • Flexible workflow
  • Data processing
  • Daily workflow built in, such as apply and review

Mobile App
  • Android and IOS Apps
  • Manage your work anytime and anywhere

LDAP Integration
  • Import users from LDAP
  • Auto-login LDAP server

2. Advantages

Enhanced CRM
  • Customized attributes of products
  • Automated sales
  • Aftersales management
  • Inventory management
Enhanced OA and HR management
  • Get dynamics through work log and calendar
  • Get information through reports
  • FLOW for different processes
  • Salary slip management and performance management

Mobile and Desktop

  • Mobile app
  • Mobile web

Enhanced Technical Support
  • 1ON1 remote technical support
  • Training materials and documents

3. Comparison of Open Source and Pro

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