Update Zdoo Enterprise

2018-01-26 14:59:32
Last edited by MCFEY on 2020-04-18 15:27:27

This article applies to users who want to upgrade Zdoo Enterprise from a lower version to the latest version. 

1. Download Zdoo upgrade package

1.1 Email us at renee@easycorp.ltd to get the right upgrade package(.zip file). Do NOT download an installation package to  upgrade your Zdoo.

1.2 Unzip it and override the old directory. For example, if Zdoo was installed in c:\xampp\zdoo , override it to c:\xampp\zdoo. Do not make c:\xampp\zdoo\zdoo.

1.3 If you installed Zdoo via a Linux o ne-click installation package, place the source code to /opt/zbox/app/zdoo.

2. Start  upgrading Zdoo

2.1 Start the upgrade program

The relative path to start the upgrade is  /sys/upgrade.php. For example,  if you visit Zdoo at, visit in your browser to upgrade your Zdoo.

2.2 Back up Zdoo data

2.3 Confirm the version you want to upgrade

2.4 Confirm SQL statements

2.5 Finish upgrading


Note: Make sure that you back up all your data and documents before you update Zdoo Pro.

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