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2018-09-21 08:54:55
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Flow in Zdoo Pro currently offers seven workflows, including Purchase, Fund Request, Vehicle Booking, Vehicle Information, Stamp Request, Meeting Room Booking, and Meeting Room.

1. Workflow

1.1 Workflow List

You can check and view workflows in a list or card. Just click the List/Card button at the upper right of the page to switch.

You can click the Action buttons at the end of each workflow to edit, delete, child and etc.

1.2 Workflow Database

The tables of a workflow are recorded in its database as flow_ WORKFLOW ALIAS.

You can also click Add Table to save the details and relevant data.

1.3 Workflow data source

The data source is for fields and usually for generating the data of drop-downs. It can revoke system functions, custom SQL statements, options, languages.

1.4 Validation Rules

Validation rules apply to verify fields, tables and etc. Regular expressions will be used in validation.

2. Example

Let's take Meeting Room Booking as an example and show the basics of using a workflow in Zdoo.

Meeting Room Booking is a workflow built in Flow. You can change it according to your requirements by adding fields and actions.

In the workflow of Meeting Room Booking, it includes a child workflow. Therefore, it is recommended that you assign the privileges of booking meeting rooms and add meeting rooms before you book a meeting room.

1.1 Assign Privileges

You can edit the workflow of Meeting Room Booking to manage booking privileges.

1.2 Add Meeting Room

Go to Meetingroom, 1F, 2F or 3F and you can Click Create to add a meeting room.

Then you can check it in Meetingroom.

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