Expense Distribution Rules

2018-02-27 15:04:14
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Expense Distribution Rules are used to divide the expense that will be shared by Amoebas.

Go to Ameba->Rule and click  Expense Share Rules. Click Create to create a new rule as shown below,



  1. Type: Budget or Periodical. A periodical expense is generated periodically, such as every week, every month, or every year. For example, the rent you have to pay monthly. A budget expense is generated per year, and it is an estimation based on the data for last year. For example, the growth rate of salary is 10%, so the budget is raised 10% of that of the last year.
  2. Caption: Choose the category of expenses that will be shared by Amoebas. Salary management is part of Zdoo, so there is Shared Labor Cost in Expense Captions. It is to calculate the cost of HR cost that will be shared by Amoebas.
  3. Dept: Department where the expense is generated.
  4. Period: As mentioned in Type.
  5. Share Type: Per Capita or Manually. For Per capita, choose the departments that will share the expense and distribute the cost according to the ration of the number of staff within the department to the number of staff within the company. For Manually, enter the percentage of shared expense in Shared Details.
  6. Amount: The number of expenses. Expense Distribution Rules are related to the budget. In Budget Report, the number of expenses and period will be used as references to calculation the budget.
  7. Details: Set the department that will share the expenses and the percentage.

You do not have to set the month and the year for rules. When distributing expenses, the rules used in the current month will be saved. Then the rules will be applied to the calculation of shared expense in Amoeba Report for the same month. Therefore, the data will not be changed even the rules are changed later.

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