2018-02-27 14:57:59
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The inventory module is to manage sales and purchase orders. After the salesperson informs the warehouse staff to distribute, the order will be listed as Pending. For purchase staff, they will see the PO in PO list after they create a Purchase Order. 

1. Distribute the ordered

Go to Inventory->To be Delivered. Click Distribute and enter distribution information. If this order is created in CRM, you can also enter the related information of the contract.


2. Receive the ordered

Go to Inventory->To be Received. Click Receive to confirm the ordered has been received, and enter the relevant information of the ordered you received.


3. Finished Orders

All the finished orders, either sales/distributed orders or purchase/receiving orders, can be viewed in the Finished list.


4. Receivables and Payables

Distribute and receive the ordered can lead to the receivables and the payables. If the sales order is created in CRM->Contract, there will be no receivables generated, because it is already there when creating the contract.

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