Zdoo ManualBook Info
1 Introduction
1.1  About Zdoo
1.2  Zdoo Features
1.3  Technical Support
1.4  Zdoo License
2 Install and Upgrade
2.1  ZDOO Installation (for all systems)
2.2  One-click Installation Package for Windows (Recommended)
2.3  One-click Installation Package for Linux
2.4  Upgrade Zdoo
2.5  Zdoo Cloud
2.6  Remove zdoo from the address
2.7  Data Backup
2.8  Install Ioncube
2.9  Install php-zip
3.1  CRM Workflow
3.2  Add Product
3.3  Add Customer
3.4  Create Order
3.5  Sign Contract
3.6  Manage Contact
3.7  Manage List
3.8  Manage Supplier
3.9  CRM Settings
3.10  CRM Report
4 OA
4.1  Todo
4.2  Review
4.3  Announcement
4.4  Attendance
4.5  Leave
4.6  Makeup
4.7  Overtime
4.8  Business Trip
4.9  Reimbursement
4.10  Lieu
4.11  Egress
4.12  Holiday
4.13  Settings
5 Cashflow(Cash)
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Basic Settings
5.3  Add Bank Account
5.4  Manage Account
5.5  Keep Account
5.6  Batch keep accounts and import
5.7  Reconciliation
5.8  Report
6 Project (Proj)
6.1  Project Workflow
6.2  Create Project
6.3  Create Task
6.4  Actions in a project
6.5  Action Views
6.6  Actions in a task
7 Document(Doc)
7.1  Introduction
7.2  Create Document Library
7.3  Create Document
8.1  Introduction
8.2  Settings
8.3  Modules
9 Inventory(PSI)
9.1  Workflow
9.2  Sales
9.3  Inventory
9.4  Product
9.5  Settings
10 Flow
10.1  Introduction
10.2  Built-in Flows
10.3  Features
10.4  Examples
11 Ameba
11.1  Amoeba Management
11.2  Start Ameba
11.3  Ameba Category
11.4  Ameba Department
11.5  Expense Distribution Rules
11.6  Income Distribution Rules
11.7  Ameba Budget
11.8  Ameba Trade
11.9  Ameba Report
12 Administration
12.1  Settings
12.2  User
12.3  Privileges
12.4  Apps
12.5  Email settings
13 Integration
13.1  Introduction
13.2  Integrate ZenTao
14 Customization
14.1  Get Ready
14.2  Zdoo Directory
14.3  Find the Code
14.4  Database Structure

Built-in Flows

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Summary : Flow in Zdoo currently offers seven built-in workflows, including Purchase, Fund Request, Car Booking, Car Information, Stamp Request, Meeting Room Booking, and Meeting Room.

Flow in Zdoo currently offers seven built-in workflows, including Purchase, Fund Request, Car Booking, Car Information, Stamp Request, Meeting Room Booking, and Meeting Room.

Note: Car Information id the pre-worflow(prerequisite) of Car Booking, and Meeting Room is the pre-worflow(prerequisite ) of Meeting Room Booking.

1. Workflow

1.1 Workflow Actions

You can check and view workflows in a list or card. Just click the List/Card button at the upper right of the page to switch. Click the Action buttons at the end of each workflow to edit, delete, child and etc.

1.2 Workflow Data Source

The data source is for fields and usually for generating the data of drop-downs. It can revoke system functions, custom SQL statements, options, languages.

1.3 Rules
Validation rules apply to verify fields, tables and etc. Regular expressions are used in validating.

2. Example

Let's take Meeting Room Booking as an example and show the basics of using a workflow in Zdoo. Meeting Room Booking is a workflow built-in Flow. You can change it according to your requirements by adding fields and actions.

In the workflow of Meeting Room Booking, it includes a child workflow. Therefore, it is recommended that you assign the privileges of booking meeting rooms and add meeting rooms before you book a meeting room.

2.1 Assign Privileges
You can edit the workflow of Meeting Room Booking to manage booking privileges.

2.2 Add Meeting Room
Go to Meetingroom, 1F, 2F or 3F and you can Click Create to add a meeting room.

Then you can check it in Meetingroom. You can also search for a meeting room.

If you have questions, email support@easycorp.ltd and philip@easycorp.ltd.

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