2016-09-02 09:06:27
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Zdoo 2.5+ has leave management. You can record leaves and review it here. You can choose to switch on/off the leave module by clicking "OA"->"Settings".

1. My Leave

Click "OA"->"Leave", and "Create". A window will pop out for you to choose the type of leave you are asking for, the start and end date and time, and give details in "Description".

Go to "My leave" and you will see all your leaves you have asked for.

You can cancel your leave request, if you have installed Zdoo 2.7+. You can only cancel your leave request which has not been reviewed and approved.

2. My Review

Department manager can review all the leave requests here and pass/reject them by clicking the buttons at the end of the request row.

3. All Leaves

You can see all the leave requests within your company.

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