2016-09-05 13:47:39
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Why is CASH added to Zdoo, as there is a lot of professional accounting management software available? Why have our team devoted so much to developing CASH module?

Here is our answer.

Zdoo is for small and medium-sized companies. Those companies have something in common, which is they don't have a lot of fixed assets and their trades are mainly cash transactions. They usually pay an accounting service provider to do accounting for them rather than hiring an accounting specialist to do it. However, bookkeeping is usually very complicated, so it is very difficult for business owners who do not have professional training on accounting to understand these financial reports which, to some extent, cannot reflect the actual and real financial situations of a business.

Cash flow is the key factor for all companies. It is very important to do a good accounting of your cash flow. Therefore, our team has spent a lot of time on developing CASH module, hoping that each business owners could know every income and every expense of their companies, understand their monthly profit and loss, and know the compositions of their revenue and expenditure.

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