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1 Introduction
1.1  About Zdoo
1.2  Zdoo Features
1.3  Technical Support
1.4  Zdoo License
2 Install and Upgrade
2.1  ZDOO Installation (for all systems)
2.2  One-click Installation Package for Windows (Recommended)
2.3  One-click Installation Package for Linux
2.4  Upgrade Zdoo
2.5  Zdoo Cloud
2.6  Remove zdoo from the address
2.7  Data Backup
2.8  Install Ioncube
2.9  Install php-zip
3.1  CRM Workflow
3.2  Add Product
3.3  Add Customer
3.4  Create Order
3.5  Sign Contract
3.6  Manage Contact
3.7  Manage List
3.8  Manage Supplier
3.9  CRM Settings
3.10  CRM Report
4 OA
4.1  Todo
4.2  Review
4.3  Announcement
4.4  Attendance
4.5  Leave
4.6  Makeup
4.7  Overtime
4.8  Business Trip
4.9  Reimbursement
4.10  Lieu
4.11  Egress
4.12  Holiday
4.13  Settings
5 Cashflow(Cash)
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Basic Settings
5.3  Add Bank Account
5.4  Manage Account
5.5  Keep Account
5.6  Batch keep accounts and import
5.7  Reconciliation
5.8  Report
6 Project (Proj)
6.1  Project Workflow
6.2  Create Project
6.3  Create Task
6.4  Actions in a project
6.5  Action Views
6.6  Actions in a task
7 Document(Doc)
7.1  Introduction
7.2  Create Document Library
7.3  Create Document
8.1  Introduction
8.2  Settings
8.3  Modules
9 Inventory(PSI)
9.1  Workflow
9.2  Sales
9.3  Inventory
9.4  Product
9.5  Settings
10 Flow
10.1  Introduction
10.2  Built-in Flows
10.3  Features
10.4  Examples
11 Ameba
11.1  Amoeba Management
11.2  Start Ameba
11.3  Ameba Category
11.4  Ameba Department
11.5  Expense Distribution Rules
11.6  Income Distribution Rules
11.7  Ameba Budget
11.8  Ameba Trade
11.9  Ameba Report
12 Administration
12.1  Settings
12.2  User
12.3  Privileges
12.4  Apps
12.5  Email settings
13 Integration
13.1  Introduction
13.2  Integrate ZenTao
14 Customization
14.1  Get Ready
14.2  Zdoo Directory
14.3  Find the Code
14.4  Database Structure

Ameba Category

2020-04-03 13:42:37
Last edited by MCFEY on 2020-05-14 16:29:50

Go to Ameba->Category, and set categories of incomes and expenses.

In  Amoeba  Management, it is clearly stated that yo u have to do well bookkeeping when you use Amoeba module in Zdoo. Therefore, you have to  link these captions in CASH module with Amoeba categories

In Amoeba module, there are five categories, namely external income, internal income, trade (between two Amoeba departments), internal expenses (within an Amoeba department), and shared expenses.  The page to set  internal expenses and shared expenses is shown in the screenshot above, and have been linked to the captions in the CASH module. 

Here are the definitions of five Amoeba captions:

  • External Income:  incomes generated directly from sales;
  • Internal Income:  incomes generated from trades within the company;
  • Trade:  expenses generated from trades within the company
  • Internal Expense:  expenses generated within an Amoeba department; and
  • Shared Expense: expenses generated from the service department and will be shared by all Amoeba departments.

Here is an example to help you understand the five categories.  

A company has Sales Amoeba, R&D Amoeba, and Administration Amoeba departments. Sales and R&D Amoebas are profit-oriented, and Administration Amoeba is the service provider department. 

Administration Amoeba recruits for  Sales and R&D Amoebas, thus there are costs, such as recruiting fees and the salaries of administrative  staff that  Sales and R&D Amoebas should pay for. Therefore,  the cost will be considered as Shared Expenses and will be shared by those two Amoebas according to expense sharing rules. 

Products developed by the R&D Amoeba are sold by the Sales Amoeba to customers. Customers' payment is the external incomes to Sales Amoeba, and the cost to visit customers is the internal expense of Sales Amoeba. 

Sales Amoeba should pay R&D Amoeba as the internal procurement of the products which is the cost of Trade to Sales Amoeba but the internal incomes to R&D Amoeba.

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