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2016-09-06 15:40:35
Last edited by Renee on 2018-12-06 15:39:30

Zdoo can send email notifications when there is anything new about order, customer, tasks, leaves, and reimbursement. Please follow the steps below to set the email in Zdoo.

Log in Zdoo as Admin and go to "Admin"->"System"->"Email". Enter an Email address that you want to send notifications from.

A page will show for you to configure your email.


  1. Zdoo will not send emails to the one who is sending email to others, because s/he might receive duplicated emails.
  2. If the user is detected as using Zdoo, Zdoo will send a web notification instead of an email notification.
  3. If you use the third party email provider, such as QQ email or NetEase email, you have to turn on SMTP service on the setting page of their website.
  4. Usually, all you need to do is to add your password, because Zdoo can detect popular email servers in China and set up for you.
  5. If you got a notice saying that data is not accepted, please check whether your email server set any limits to sending frequency/security.
  6. If a notice saying that you cannot connect to SMTP server, it usually means that Zdoo server cannot connect to your email server. So you have to check whether your domain name can be resolved, the port is correct, or any firewall block your connection.

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