Manage Lists

2016-09-01 09:08:29
Last edited by Renee on 2018-12-05 16:19:18

1. Add, import, export and apply for a list

Go to "CRM"->"List", and click buttons at the upper right of the page to add, import, export and apply for a list.

  • Import: If you want to import an Excel file, you have to export the template and fill in the content according to the fields in the template and import it. Only Excel files can be imported to Zdoo.
  • Export: You can export all the data, the data on this page, and template.
  • Apply: You can apply to set one customer from the public list as a private customer and track it.

2. View the list

You can filter and view the list by "Assigned to me", "Next contact", "Ignored by me". You can also search the list.

3. Manage the list

You can assign, communicate, edit, confirm and ignore a contact. If you click "Confirm", the contact will be a customer; if click "ignore", the contact will be sent back to a public list.

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