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2016-08-31 09:36:26
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Zdoo use ZentaoPhP as its framework and its release is based on Z Public License, so any changes to Zdoo logos are NOT allowed.

ZentaoPHP is an underlying framework developed by Nature Easy Soft and the core technology of our team. The core files of ZentaoPHP are router.class.php (call), control.class.php (control), model.class.php (model) and helper.class.php (tool). The code is simple, so capable developers should be able to add their function to it. The directory of ZentaoPHP is simple, clean and easy to maintain. Relative paths have been used to address developer friendly when we developed it. ZentaoPHP has a deep extensible mechanism.

ZentaoPHP also addresses problems of extensibility and integration. ZentaoPHP has extensibility, API integration and command lines to solve the problem.

Extensibility: use PHP, HTML, CSS, or JS to modify the code and add the new function to Zdoo

API: use HTTP to call applications developed by ZentaoPHP and to integrate with other systems

Command lines: use command lines to call applications to do the backup. update and text.

1. ZentaoPHP Manual:

2. ZentaoPHP Customization Manual:

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