Zdoo: simple but more than just a CRM

2019-03-25 17:27:00

Apart from the affordable pricing(click HERE for plans) of Zdoo , the CRM related features are worthy of your purchase. Zdoo CRM can help users build stronger customer relationships and collaborate across the company.

Commission auto calculation and Bookkeeping

All data in Zdoo CRM is linked to the CASH and HR modules. You can set the commission rate in Zdoo HR module, and when HR staff calculate each salesperson's salary, the commission will be automatically calculated. Meanwhile, the number of sales and the salary will be recorded in the account set in Zdoo , so your accountant can check the cash flow in your company.

Email Notification

You will get real-time notification via email when anyone changes anything in your CRM. For how to set up email notification, you can refer to HERE.


Check the history of clock in/out in Zdoo and view the summary by month, department, and more.

Calendar, Todo, and Reminder

Integrated with Xuan, an IM tool, which is also developed by our team, you can add messages in your conversation to Todo in Zdoo . If you have todos that need your attention, there will be a notification pops out in Xuan to remind you.

Dashboard Custom Report

On the Dashboard of Zdoo CRM, you will see Customer, Order, and Contact information that is related to you. You can customize your CRM dashboard and add blocks to it.

Mobile App

Both Android and IOS Apps are available for Zdoo Pro, so you can work from any device at any time anywhere.


Zdoo also has a cloud version, so you don't have to deploy the software or buy shared space. Visit Zdoo Cloud to know more.

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