5 reasons to choose a SaaS CRM

2019-04-03 13:41:00

There was no such thing as a CRM system. When it is getting more and more hard to do business and get customers, there it is.

CRM has become the buzz word for any sales-driven companies. With the prevalence of SaaS, SaaS CRM is an option which could save you time and money. 

1. Worry-Free Installation

For many startups, it is too much to consider when it comes to using a CRM tool. They usually don't have an IT team or specialist to take care of the tool, and it costs to buy a server for the tool. With a SaaS CRM, it is easy to get started with by just clicking a few buttons, and you don't have to install the software

2. Data backup and system update

Data on a SaaS platform is usually taken care of by the SaaS service provider, such as daily backup on  Zdoo CRM Cloud, as well as the update of the service.  For tech outsiders, it is convenient to manage your CRM and the data.

3. Access Anytime Anywhere

The difference of a SaaS tool and its self-hosted version lies in the time and the place. With a SaaS CRM tool, you check your customer at any time and anywhere. You just log in the SaaS site on your smartphone or tablet and you will see the information of your customers no matter where you are as long as you are connected to wi-fi. You don't miss anything about your customers.

4. Email Notification

As timing is everything to the salesperson when it comes to a lead, getting an email notification of when you planned to contact the potential customer is of great importance. A SaaS CRM with the notification feature can be much help.

5. Seamless Integration 

CRM tools are usually integrated with other systems, such as the HRM, Accounting tool, etc. A SaaS tool like Zdoo Cloud has included OA , HRM, CASH, Document, Project, and more, so you can easily manage your sales in just one tool. It also has a flexible and extensible entry which can be used to integrate with other tools.

Concerns of a SaaS CRM

If you are concerned with the security of the cloud service which I cannot deny it does not exist, you can choose to switch it to self-hosted. For Example, Zdoo CRM has a self-hosted version which offers you the option to use a more secure CRM. Besides, Zdoo pricing is also reasonable and affordable. For Zdoo CRM pricing, check HERE.

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