CRM tools: a glimpse into Customer Relationship Management

2018-08-22 09:47:00

There was no such thing as CRM tools. When it is getting more and more hard to do business and get customers, there it is.


In the past,resources were scarce. Anything you tried to sell, it would go pretty fast. You don't even have to try. It is the seller's market. Now nine out of ten (and the only one is watching) are all engaged in production and sales. We have entered the era of overcapacity and transited from the seller's market to the buyer's market.

If a company doesn't understand its target customers, it won't make its reports look any better, no matter how well it optimizes its production and improves productivity. So they began to reflect:

  • "We always thought that black would be more beautiful, and how could customers like it white."

  • "It's a mistake to set up a branch there. People living there simply can't afford to spend money."

  • "What have you done? Customers are pissed. "

  • "It cost us 80 cents to add this feature to the product, and now the price is only 90 cents more. Why the customers stop buying?"

When all the reasons for poor sales are attributed to the disconnection with customers, the focus is gradually shifted from the product to the customer (from product-centered to customer-centered).

Now that there is demand, so CRM emerges as required.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM does not necessarily has to be software. If a company has advanced ideas in customer management and sales, MS EXCEL is all that they need to generate accurate data. Besides, they have a standardized workflow for internal and external coordinations (the workflow here means the way to make money), then we can also say that they has CRM (here CRM is interpreted as a business strategy). Even if this company bought a CRM system, it is only to compensate for the inadequacy in data accuracy.

What can the CRM module in Zdoo do for you?

Zdoo CRM is quite simple and you can understand it as customer+product=order=>contract. It aims to

  1. Understand Users: Profile user information (such as gender, age, years of use, etc.) and user data (last logon time, browsing time, clicks, purchase times, etc.) can help companies better understand the users and group users, such as high likely to buy users. Usually, users are divided into groups using the data in the CRM database for Cluster Analysis, and for promotion, sales and after-sale based on user profiles.
  2. Customer Retention: Provide the right information to the right user at the right time. After a thorough profiling the user, you can provide relevant information to the right user at the right time, so to effectively optimize the user experience, and thereby to improve brand loyalty.

  3. Customer Reactivation: Zdoo CRM can also help you identify which customers you lost, understand the churn rate, and analyze at which point these users are lost , and find out the reasons to improve it, and try to establish a relation with the lost customer again.

Zdoo OA and CRM work together

Zdoo OA has modules that can be used in CRM, such as Todo, Trip, Document, and Reimburse. For example, you added a customer in Contact and the customer would like to make an order on a certain date. Zdoo will automatically create a Todo for you on that day.

There are so many features to be explored in Zdoo. Contact Renee at to get a free trial for up to 6 months.

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