Integrate Cashflow Management and CRM in Zdoo

2018-07-28 11:48:00

Cashflow is of great importance to startups. Cashflow management is even more important. A lot of our CRM users asked whether they can integrate their CRM system with the accounting system. The answer is YES! Zdoo has CASH module which is to keep track of each income and expense and record it. It has been integrated with CRM in Zdoo. Any order/contract recorded in Zdoo can be linked to Accounts set in Zdoo.

Set Accounts in CASH

Log in Zdoo and go to CASH->Account. Click Create button at the upper right of the page and you will see the window to add an account below.

Link the received payment to an account

Go to Order and create an order. Check Create Customer and Create Product boxes, if neither of them has been created in Zdoo before.

Click Save and you will see the order in the Order List. Click Sign when the contract is signed and you will be ready to receive payment.

Click Sign when the contract is signed and you will see the page below to fill in more information about the order,

Click Save and you will see Payment is shown in the list.

Click Payment and you can link the received payment to the account.

This is all you have to do in order to link each payment received to your account for bookkeeping in Zdoo. You can see it in the list of all incomes and expenses.


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