ZDOO Cash 1.0 is released

2021-02-03 11:31:54
Zdoo Official
Hello, everyone, ZDOO Cash 1.0 is released. It has built-in 30-day free license for 5 users. Contact renee@easycorp.ltd for more users.

ZDOO Cash can help improve the work efficiency of financial staff. More importantly, it can help business owners solve two key problems:

 1. The financial accounting is complicated. Business owners with no such training feel it difficult to understand these financial data.

 2. The financial statements cannot reflect the true cash flow, but it is the fundimentals for companies, so business owners need to know it.

Our team hope that business owners can understand every income and expenses, monthly profit and loss, investment and returns via reading ZDOO Cash lists and reports. A good understanding of the cash flow will help business owners make more reasonable plans and decisions.

Besides, ZDOO Cash has powerful scalability and extensibilty. If the company wants to integrate ZDOO Cash with CRM, invoicing, OA and other functions later, it is easy to upgrade to the ZDOO enterprise version. The data can be seamlessly migrated.

Feel free to download and try. If any problems or questions, please feedback below in the Comment or contact renee@easycorp.ltd, and our team will respond ASAP=). Enjoy!

Installation and Upgrade

  • For the first-time Installation, refer HERE.
  • For upgrade, refer HERE.

ZDOO required  IonCube  installed. Refer to  Install Ioncube for how to install it. If any problems, contact troy@easycorp.ltd.


One-Click Installation Package for Windows

  •  Windows 64 bit one-click installation

     Official Website

  •  Windows 32 bit one-click installation

     Official Website

One-Click Package ( Packages for Linux have to be unzipped to /opt ) 

  •  Linux 64 bit one-click installation

     Official Website

  •  Linux 32 bit one-click installation

     Official Website

PHP Packages

  • PHP 5.3-5.6 package:    

     Official Website

  • PHP 7.0 package:          

     Official Website

  • PHP 7.1 package

     Official Website

  • PHP 7.2 package:          

     Official Website


  • Windows one-click installation package should be unzipped to the root directory.
  • Linux one-click installation package should be unzipped to /opt.

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