ZDOO 4.3.beta has been released!

2017-06-30 14:31:00

ZDOO 4.3.beta has been released! This release is mainly to upgrade framework, enhance the security of the program and adjust one-click installation.

Chang Log

  1. LoadModel is modified to singleton pattern.
  2. helper::substr() error.
  3. White list mode is changed when filtering files.
  4. Incorporate recent changes into the framework.
  5. Add some logical background comments to the code .
  6. Provides centralized parameter filtering capabilities.
  7. Provide the base file upload module.


source code package http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi.4.3.beta.zip

Windows 64 bit one-click installation http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi.4.3.beta.win64.exe

Windows 32 bit one-click installation http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi.4.3.beta.win32.exe

Linux 64 bit one-click installation http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi.4.3.beta.zbox_64.tar.gz

Linux 32 bit one-click installation http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi.4.3.beta.zbox_32.tar.gz

Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.

Linux rpm http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi-4.3.beta-1.noarch.rpm

Linux deb http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.3.beta/ranzhi_4.3.beta_1_all.deb


Installation http://www.zdoo.org/book/rangermanual/sourcecodeinstallation-19.html

Upgrade http://www.zdoo.org/book/rangermanual/upgraderanger-22.html

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