Zdoo 4.6.stable has been released!

2018-01-20 15:22:00

Zdoo 4.6.stable has been released! This release is mainly about the reconstruction of Attendance, and to add cross-month leave and overtime. D etails have been optimized and over 50 bugs have been resolved.

Restruct the Attendance

Change Log

Story List

2311 In Bookkeeping, filter by contracts and info related to contracts.
2313 Reconstruct the Attendance. 

2315 In bookkeeping, choose records and sum up. Show the result at the bottom of the table. 

2328 First time entering Doc Lib. Display articles of all categories. 

2345 Display child department info on Dept Attendance page. 

2356 Optimize tabs of customer details page.

2357 Display product and caption of account when bookkeeping.
2360 Set drop-down menu go up when batch editing salary. 

2361 Payment can be viewed in related customer detail page. 

2362 Purchased products can be viewed in related customer detail page. 

2364 Adjust the Edit and Delete buttons to files. 

2366 No caption of account is selected as default when reimbursing. 

2374 Users with Review privileges can review via all lists and on detail pages. 

2375 Before calculating Attendance data, all pending Leave, Makeup, Overtime and Switch should be checked. 

2376 Add monthly reports on orders and contracts. 

2391 Add check All button to reimburse settings. 

2393 Ignore months listed on My Review page, if there is no pending review in that month. 

2394 Display months in descending order on Reimburse page. 

2404 Optimize the page layout when there is no record on it in OA. 

2416 Swtich on Edit and Delete privileges in Admin->System->Cron. 

2420 Verify overtime when applying for Switch. 

2422 Optimize the display Invest and Loan. 

2423 Adjust the page layout of Review page. 

2425 Optimize the display of Income Overview. 

2430 Adjust the alignment of child tasks. 

2431 Optimize batch bookkeeping page. 

2433 Add the field of customer source. 

2434 Optimize reimbursement details. 

2435 Set NULL settings and forbid input box. 

2438 Add Create On in contract searching. 

2439 Next order failure. 

2443 Click the link in Dynamic and the App can be open. 

2444 Fix bugs on sobug. 

2446 Hide blocked users. 

2447 Adjust the page to enter incomes. 

2448 Adjust the page to enter expenses. 

2450 After editing a product, click Go Back, but it doesn't go back to the previous page. 

2451 Add drop-down menu and retrieve customers via area and industry in that menu. 

2452 Project and contract can be selected when reimbursing.

Bug List

882 Multiple attendance records within a day, but their status and length are different.
918 Cancel the leave but the time is calculated wrong.
929 User with leave review privilege but can't see leaves to be reviewed on My Dashboard. No secondary level menu in OA->Review.
945 Distorted page prompted in reimburse review.
946 Close all the modules that are related to review but review list is still shown on My Dashboard and OA.
952 setExcelField() is not supported list which has more than 26 columns in phpexcel.
953 In Admin->App, if delete an App which belongs to a group, all other Apps are gone.
955 User involved in a Reimburse doesn't show in reimburse details.
956 Batch edit todo and save error.
957 Optimize the display of project doclib and custom doclib.
958 Optimize the contract ID number on contract list.
959 On contract list, click Finish and highlight the done and the Wait.
961 Optimize characters on application page and creation page in OA.
962 Reimburse reviewer is not displayed all.
963 Optimize List->Next Contract.
964 Optimize Order->Contact page.
965 Backspace failure on Create a  Project page.
966 Dustbin icon at the upper right of Todo page failed.
967 Change the date on Todo page and all todos will be cleared.
968 Note and description of todo should not filter html.
969 No check on privileges on Doc Home.
970 Left alignment of drop-down menu when editing users involved in the reimburse.
971 Users involved in the reimburse can't be changed.
972 Zdoo installation error on step1 and no getPhpVersion().
973 Hide products when editing and checking Loan and Invest.
974 Captions and Handlers can't be displayed.
975 Optimize the layout of project detail page.
976 Failed display of Save button in Project->Team.
977 Check default privileges in Project->Team.
978 Set Activate tasks as required field.
979 Date of a todo with Pending date can't be changed.
980 Signout at the lower right of the page is unaligned in safari.
981 When creating a contract, contract address is not required. If left empty and save, there is an error.
982 Sales team setup. If not checked and save, there is a page error.
983 OA->Reimburse. First level is gone in reimburse application, if Reimbures captions is set.
984 OA->Reimburse. Link to cash bookkeeping after reimbursed, but detail is not sync.
985 Privilege settings. Forbid a user to edit. The user login and click the avatar, profile can't be edited.
986 No review of leave cancellation listed in Review.
987 OA->Announce. Insert a file and download it. The downloaded files are all named index.php.
988 Zoom out the table in the prompt and it will be bigger than the prompt.
990 Chrome. OA->Overtime. If application time is after 18::, the total time is abnormal.
991 Zentao is integrated in Zdoo, but tasks and bugs are not sync.
992 Use PATH_INFO as login, set viewType as json failed.
993 Reimburse details are not displayed completely.
995 Unify time and date format in Attendance.
996 User who doesn't have to clock-in/out is Absent in Attendance.
997 No underline is allowed in the name or alias of a product.
998 If a prefix or suffix is set for a custom table, users can be restored.


source code package : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi.4.6.stable.zip

Windows 64 bit one-click installation : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi.4.6.stable.win64.exe

Windows 32 bit one-click installation : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi.4.6.stable.win32.exe

Linux 64 bit one-click installation : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi.4.6.stable.zbox_64.tar.gz

Linux 32 bit one-click installation : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi.4.6.stable.zbox_32.tar.gz

Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt.

Linux rpm package : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi-4.6.stable-1.noarch.rpm

Linux deb package : http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.6/ranzhi_4.6.stable_1_all.deb

Zdoo Manual

Installation http://www.zdoo.org/book/zdoomanual/sourcecodeinstallation-19.html

Upgrade http://www.zdoo.org/book/zdoomanual/upgradezdoo-22.html

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