What is the best way to add more permission types?
2019-10-09 16:29:27
Squibb Consulting
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First of all, very good software. it is lite and has all the required things what is needed for a small company.

I need to modify permission types for projects app. Can you please throw some light on how to do that> I need to ensure that the tasks assign to one member is visible and editable to that person only.

Thanks for your help,


2019-10-15 09:57:13
Troy Yang
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I believe that you have consulted on Chatra already. For now in projects, it's not available for one person can only visit and edit himself/herself. For now, all the members in the project could visit and edit all of the tasks of this project.  But we can offer customization service which means we could develop further for you, about the price and how long will it take, please consult us by troy@easysoft.ltd.

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