Actions on a task
2017-09-12 09:14:59
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Once tasks have been created, you can start to use various actions to managee on a tas k.

  • Filter a task: Use tabs such as "Assigned to me" and "Created by me" to filter tasks.
  • Assign a task: Click "Assign" at the end of a task row to assign it to others/yourself.
  • Initiate a task: Click "Start" to initiate the task and mark it as started.
  • Finish a task: Click "Finish" to mark it as finished when you finish a task.
  • Close a task: A task will be in the charge of the one who created it. Click "Close" to close the task.
  • Activate a task: A closed or finisihed task can be "Activate"d to work on again.  
  • Edit a task: Click "Edit" to edit task description, upload attachment etc.