What is Zdoo?
2017-08-08 09:25:35
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About Zdoo

Zdoo is an internal management application for small/medium organizations. It is consist of five modules which include CRM, OA, CASH, TEAM and App Navigation. It is a more integrated and simplified solution, compare to other similar products.

Why Zdoo is created?

With the development of Internet, it becomes more and more important for enterprises to manage internal information. We have tried some management software, such as CRM and OA, to manage our internal information, but all those software seem redundant and obscure. Therefore, we have decided to develop one such internal information management software. We take it as our mission to provide an integrated and simplified solution for information management within small/medium organizations. By applying Zdoo, you have access to all core functions of an enterprise information management software, such as CRM, OA, forum etc., rather than deploy them in your system one by one.  

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