Project management in OA
2017-09-06 14:32:55
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Zdoo has simple and practical built-in project management module, which meets the requirement of routine work management for a team. If you are using  ZenTao PMS, another project management software developed by our team, you might want to know what the difference is between those two.

  • In terms of positioning, ZenTao PMS is for software R&D project, while Zdoo built-in project management module is for routine work management.
  • In terms of users, ZenTao PMS is from software R&D team, while Zdoo is for teams other than R&D team, such as Administration, Finance, Marketing etc.
  • In terms of process, ZenTao PMS has product and requirements, projects and tasks, bugs and cases, planning and releasing etc. Zdoo only focuses on projects and tasks.

As you can tell, the features and user of Zdoo have been clearly defined. Now Let's see the project management in Zdoo.

  1. Project managers/ Heads of department create a project, add team members and set a time frame.
  2. They can create tasks in bulk and define the time frame, and assign them to others.
  3. Team members work on their tasks and update the status of tasks daily.
  4. Project managers/ Heads of department check and confirm the tasks, cancel or activate tasks.
  5. Project is finished.