How to initiate an order
2017-08-28 09:22:32
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Once you have a customer, you can start to use "Order" to track it. You can create, assign, check, close and activate an order.

1. Add an order

Login Zdoo, click "CRM"->"Order" and click "Create". In Zdoo, one customer+one product=one order.


If the customer and the product that is relavant to this order have not been created, check the Create box and you can create one instead of going to Customer/Product page to create it.

2. Communication of an order

Order history is the most basic and also very important record. Sales can record communications with the customers and record it so to provide better service to them.

Go to CRM->Contact and you will see all the orders. Click Record in Actions to record the communication with the contact. .

You can choose a contact to cummunicate with this time and set time frame for next contact.

3. View and retrieve orders

You can retrieve your order list by clicking tabs on the naviagation bar, such as "Today", "Tomorrow" etc.

4. Assign an order

When you add an order,  you are assigned to this order as default. You can use "Assign" to assign orders to other sales.