Source Code Package Installation (for all systems)

2016-08-31 10:28:59
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1. Zdoo runtime environment

  • PHP >=5.2,activate pdo, pdo_mysql,json, and pcre. Zdoo 4.1+ requires the activation of php_sockets.
  • MySQL >=4.0
  • Web server: Apache or Nginx IS recommended
If you install Zdoo in a shared space, make sure it meets the requirement of Zdoo runtime.

2. Upload the code

2.1 Download the latest source code installation package(.zip file) from our official website and unzip it.

2.2 Upload the code to your web server.

3. Start the installation

3.1 Execute installation wizard

Go to your domain http://domain/sys/install.php (configure the root directory of your virtual host to ranzhi/www). If you want to install Zdoo to the secondary directory, you need to add a secondary path, for example, http://domain/ranzhi/www/sys/install.php.

3.2 Check permissions of modules and directories

Note: If it fails to check modules and directories, please follow the prompts to solve the problem.

3.3 Configure database

Note: If you have installed Zdoo before, you can click "Clear data" to reinstall.

3.4 Save config files


Zdoo will save config files automatically. However, you have to manually save the files to config/my.php according to the note given in the textbox, if the permission is not granted.

3.5 Set admin account

3.6 Once installed, the login page will automatically pop out. Use the admin account you just set to login.

You will see the page as shown below after login.

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