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2016-09-05 13:47:39
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Before you use CASH, you have to set basic information, such as income categories, expenditure categories, type of currency, import template settings, and view expenditure settings which can only set by a super administrator.

1. Category settings

Go to "CASH"->"Settings"->"Income", and you can add categories.

Click "Child" of a category to edit/add a child category.

2. Currency

Go to "CASH"->"Settings"->"Currency" and check types of currency you want to set in your CASH module.

3. Import template

Go to "CASH"->"Settings"->"Template" and click "Import" to import a template for accounting. You can use "View" and "Edit" button to view and modify a certain template.

4. View Expense (super admin only)

Go to "CASH"->"Settings"->"View Expense". Click a certain group to grant permissions to view expense.


Only super admin can grant this permission to others.

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    How to add other currency 2019-01-03 19:57:15
    Im from Nigeria, How to I add my currency
    Renee 2019-01-04 07:09:35
    Refer to the instruction below,
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