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Zdoo Pro 1.0 has Aftersales module to assist you deal with customer feedback. Your customer service staff enter customer feedback, then the feedback is assigned to related staff to handle and track it. Then the staff will give suggestions on how to deal with it, and the customer service will choose from the options and continue/close the feedback.

1. Enter customer feedback into Zdoo Pro

When you get feedback from your customers, go to "CRM"->"Aftersales". Click "Add feedback", and enter its related product, customer and contact informaton, and assign it to related staff. You can choose priority to sort out different feedback.

2. Reply to feedback

Choose the feedback that assigned to you or that need your reply and enter your solutions. Click "Reply" to save your input.

3. Make a detailed inquiry

If feedback does not give enough information, you can ask more about it and click "Inquire".

4. Close feedback

If the feedback has been properly taken good care of, click "close".

5. Assign feedback

Choose the feedback that needs others' input, and click "Assign".

6. Assigned to me

Go to "CRM"->"Aftersales"->"Assigned to me" to check feedback that has been assinged to you.

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