Changer Features

242   2016-12-12

Support and License

Zdoo is an open source software. No fee will be charged for using it and no limit is set to use it for business. You ca...
413   2016-11-01

Application Navigation

Application Navigation Integrates Third Party Apps Zdoo has powerful built-in applications navigation which integrates...
422   2016-11-01


Team Sharing and Communication Customer management, CASH accounting and to-do management are closely related in daily ...
427   2016-11-01


Unique Cash Flow Management With the economic development in our country, more and more small and medium enterprises c...
452   2016-11-01

To-Do Management

Powerful To-Do Management to Better Time Management Reasonable scheduled tasks can make the work process in order. Zdo...
428   2016-11-01

Project Management

Built-in Project Management to Track Status of Project Zdoo has built in simple and practical project management module...
480   2016-10-31

Office Automation (OA)

Efficient and Focused Office Automation As a typical enterprise management software, Office Automation(OA) plays an imp...
Simple and convenient CRM Customer Relationship Management, CRM for short,  is to automate enterprise marketing, s...
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