Zdoo 4.2.2 is released! Integrated Xuanxuan 1.1.1, the instant messenger.

2017-05-11 09:57:00

Zdoo 4.2.2 has been released! This release is mainly about Xuanxuan 1.1.1 integration and bug reslutions, etc.

Amendant Record

  1. Integrated Xuanxuan 1.1.1, the instant messenger.
  2. Added clock-in/out entry.
  3. Added the key to set Zdoo and xxd server.
  4. Set subsidiary account statistics  in cash annual blance sheet.
  5. Fixed currency setting errors.


source code package http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.2.2/ranzhi.4.2.2.zip

Windows one-click installation http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.2.2/ranzhi.4.2.2.exe

Linux rpm http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.2.2/ranzhi-4.2.2-1.noarch.rpm

Linux deb http://dl.cnezsoft.com/ranzhi/4.2.2/ranzhi_4.2.2_1_all.deb


Installation https://www.ranzhico.com/book/ranzhi/ranzhiinstall-5.html

Upgrade https://www.ranzhico.com/book/ranzhi/7_ranzhiupgrade.html

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