Zdoo Pro Introduction

Zdoo Pro Introduction

Zdoo Pro is based on Zdoo open source, of which the features have been optimized and improved. Zdoo Pro, with its enhanced features, could effectively assist office automation, enterprise management and work efficiency.

1、Advantages of Zdoo Pro

Enhanced CRM

  • Product attributes customization
  • Sales automation
  • Aftersales service management
  • Inventory management

Administration and HR features

  • Understand company dynamics through work log and calendar
  • Update through various statistical reports
  • Flexible workflow for a variety of processes
  • Salary management and performance management

Full support on mobiles

  • Mobile App
  • Mobile website
  • WeChat integration

More powerful technical support

  • 1-on-1 remote technical support
  • 1-on-1 technical support by telephone
  • Videos and documents available for training

2、Enhanced features of Zdoo Pro


  • Solve feedback problems
  • Assign problems to the designated personnel for tracking

Customized sales

  • Product attribute customization
  • Action and process customization

Salary and commissions

  • Salary management and auto generation of previous salary
  • Custom commission
  • Commission statistics


  • Flexible workflow
  • Data processing
  • Application and review process

Mobile support

  • Android and IOS Apps
  • Office at any time and any where

LDAP integration

  • Import users from LDAP
  • LDAP user auto login

3、Open Source vs. Professional

Open Source Professional
Open Source Features
Aftersales ×
Custom sales ×
Commission ×
Salary Management ×
Workflow ×
LDAP user verification ×
Mobile App ×
Enterprise WeChat ×
Inventory Management ×
Data migration ×
Reproduction and customization Full Price Discount