2016-09-02 09:02:37
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Zdoo has built-in document management module. Zdoo 3.2+ has added document permissions settings.

1. Create a document library

Go to “OA”->“Document”->"Create". If no DocLib exists, a page will be open for you to add one automatically.

Enter the name of the DocLib, and select users/groups.

"Private" document can only be seen by the owner; authorized users can set who can access the document; an authorized group can set which group can access the document.

2. Document category

You need to set a document category after you created a document library. Click one document library, and click "Manage Categories".

Then you can add or edit category names.

3. Upload a document

After you set categories, you can upload documents now. There are three kinds of document, including files, links and web pages. You can set access control to all kinds of documents.

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